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Are you tired of not eating the foods you love? Are you sick of being embarrassed by your smile? Are you exhausted from the endless dental appointments that never seem to solve your problems? If so, TRUETEETH is the solution for you!

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TRUETEETH is a dental implant procedure that provides patients with a new smile the same day. Combining state-of-the-art technology with Board-Certified TRUETEETH Providers allows us to place dental implants and deliver a brand new smile in one day. Not only do our patients avoid multiple surgeries and repeat visits to the dentist, they also have no need for uncomfortable and inconvenient dentures; there’s limited disruption to their everyday lives. With the TRUETEETH process, patients have immediate results and a renewed sense of confidence!

The TRUETEETH Process Explained

Step 1: Consultation

To determine if you are a TRUETEETH candidate, you will meet with one of our highly trained TRUETEETH Surgeons. They will evaluate you and decide if your bone can support the procedure.

Step 2: Design your Smile

Using our advanced technology, including 3D CBCT scans and intra-oral cameras, your Surgeon will create your TRUETEETH surgical plan. Your Surgeon and Restorative Doctor will work together to plan your new smile. At this time, you will schedule your procedure and pre-op instructions will be provided.

Step 3: Procedure

You will arrive for your appointment at the office where you had your consultation and designed your smile. Our well trained and caring staff will put you at ease during your first and only procedure. Our TRUETEETH Provides administer all levels of sedation to ensure you feel comfortable throughout your procedure.

Step 4: Walk out Smiling

When your TRUETEETH procedure is completed, you will walk out of our office smiling with confidence. By working with your restorative doctor and our laboratory, you will receive a fixed set of beautiful new teeth that day. Our doctors and staff will provide you with post-op instructions and inform you on how to care for your new smile. With proper care and hygiene, your TRUETEETH smile can last a lifetime!

For either our TRUETEETH procedure or the traditional dental implant approach, the patient’s bone will need sufficient time to heal to obtain 100% normal function. In most circumstances, three to six months of healing is necessary to transition to the final teeth.


There are many benefits that make the exclusive TRUETEETH procedure the best option for a new smile the same day!

  • Only One Procedure Required
  • Shortened Treatment Time
  • No Need for Ill-Fitting Dentures
  • Less Expensive Than Traditional Dental Implant Approach